What is PDR?
It is a methodology of gently massaging small dents out of sheet metal, one at a time, from the back-side of the panel.  It is done by trained technicians using specially designed hand tools.  The procedure returns the metal to its original condition, without damaging the paint.

What isn’t it?
It is not magic nor is it a secret.  It does not involve extreme heat, cold, magnets or suction.

How is PDR possible?
PDR is now posible because of the sheet metal used by the manufacturers and more flexible paint finishes used on new model vehicles.

What types of vehicles can be repaired with the PDR method?
Most new models of both foreign and domestic vehicles can be successfully repaired with PDR.

Mercedes Benz
Auto Body Repair
Can both PDR and conventional repair be used on the same vehicle?
Absolutely.  It is common to see PDR used on hailed damaged panels while more extensively damaged panels are conventionally repaired or sometimes replaced.

When combining conventional repair with PDR, must two different repair shops be used?
Not at Auto Dents.  We are equipped to perform both PDR and conventional auto-body repair.

What are the benefits of PDR to the customer?
  • The original factory finish is preserved, thus the factory paint warranty remains intact in most cases.
  • No plastic fillers are used.
  • Inconvenience and down-time are minimized because the process is much faster.  Most vehicles can be repaired in two days or less.
  • PDR often costs less than conventional repairs, helping hold down the cost of insurance premiums.
When should conventional repair be favored over PDR?
  • When the dents are too deep, too large causing cracked paint.
  • When dents are in an inaccessible location.
  • When vehicles have checked, oxidized or poor paint finishes.
  • When vehicles have been previously repaired with body fillers.
  • On certain types of conversion vans.
  • On campers, travel trailers and motor homes.